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Empress Serum & V10 Protect and Prime Pakket

Koop zowel het Empress Facial Serum als de V10 Protect en Prime Bundle met 17% korting!


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Koop zowel het Empress Facial Serum als de V10 Protect en Prime Bundle met 17% korting!

Empress Serum

SKIN:  The Empress Serum is our Premium, most powerful, most potent Natural and Organic Aromatherapy FACIAL serum to date.

It's key active ingredients include our signature Pomegranate Seed oil which contains high amounts of  natural Phytoestrogen (aids the production of Collagen to give skin a firmer, plumper, glowing appearance), organic Geranium (skin rejuvenation) and organic Frankincense (skin revitalization). These coupled with Punic Acid and Omega 5s  help enable your skin to replenish, renew, revitalize  itself resulting in a radiant, fresh, deeply moisturized and polished complexion. 

MIND: Being a True Aromatherapy product The Empress Serum has also been formulated to have a powerful effect on the Limbic System. Some of the effects that may be experienced are a gentle uplift and balancing of the emotions resulting in a calmer and more comfortable state of being/ body mind, a sense of Re Connection with your own nature and that of Mother Earth and of course a renewed sense of Loving the Skin you're in.

WHO: Empress Serum has been especially formulated for:

*  Women in their Prime ... peri-menopausal/ menopausal /post menopausal who are in search of that extra special product which does a truly superb job of moisturizing, hydrating, nourishing and soothing skin which has become dry, parched, in distress.

* Women who are in emotional transition and feeling the need for support, re connection and  rebalancing as they embark on the next stage of their life journey.

* Women who want their beauty products to be FREE from All synthetic additives and irritants.

* Women who insist that their products are not tested on animals . 

* Women who consciously choose to be part of a Powerful movement that strives for ethical, sustainable action and global awareness at all times. A movement of the Heart......the Feminine Heart....essentially V.....leaving no Sister behind.


V10 Protect and Prime

SKIN: A powerful, organic, theraputic grade oil V10 Protect and Prime has a unique mix of anti-oxidants, high levels of Vitamin A (natural Retinol) and Omega 9 making this a super effective, skin restorative Miracle oil. Works like a supercharged Primer.


* Improved skin Texture and Tone.

* Softer, Smoother, Polished looking skin.

Instant Freshness and Radiance Boost.

* Creates a breathable Silicon like protective layer  against daily pollutants and superb base for foundation.

* Provides long lasting Moisturisation.


WHO: This is a Unisex product for all skin types especially those with sensitive, hard to manage skin.


INGREDIENTS: 100% Pure, Cold Pressed,Organic,Golden Broccoli Seed oil ( Brassica oleracea italica)

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